Office Update / February 28, 2022

March is here, and Spring isn’t far behind!


We are pleased to announce that the board appointed Deana Vermeer to
director in February. Welcome aboard, Deana!

There is still room for two more directors. A full board better represents the
membership, accomplishes more, and is generally more able from having
more hands on deck. Being a board member can be a valuable volunteer
experience, and a meaningful opportunity to learn, have a voice, contribute
to, and help shape your community.

The board generally meets on the third Monday of every month, starting at
6:30 and up to 9:30 p.m. – sometimes less long. Curious members can sit in
on the open (non-confidential) sessions of board meetings.

Organizational By-law
The board has passed the new Organizational By-law. The next step will be to
hold a town hall soon for all members to review the document together, ask
questions, and suggest any amendments. The board will then call a members’
meeting to confirm the by-law. The meetings will most likely be held

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